A picture is worth a thousand words!

With all that has been going on this past year, I just felt it in my heart to speed the message that we are all God's children. Hate can only go so far, causing nothing but further pain. We're not only this Earth for very long. Why waste your days with hate? Spread the love. Please

Blogisode #19: The Lost Boys vs. Fright Night! Which movie is better?!

Thirty years ago in Bronx, New York, I went to Loews Paradise with my older brother on a rainy Tuesday night to go and see this great movie about rock n' roll, comedy and the most hippest vampires you've ever seen: The Lost Boys! I loved it then and thirty years later I still love it! But over the years its been compared to another vampire movie that came out around the same time: Fright Night! I briefly dissect both movies and give my honest opinion on which was the better movie. Wanna see which one I choose? Read on to find out!

Blogisode #17: Today! We celebrate! Our Independence Day!

Everyone doesn't have the same views on holidays. Most of them don't even know the reason for the holiday except that it's a free day from work. Do people celebrate our Nation's birthday the same way because that's what society has programmed into our brains to think? Or do we truly know what we are celebrating? Or ever care on top of that? Read my new Blogisode to see what my family and I did. Also, what I really think about the Independence Day holiday! Enjoy!

Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts, Week 23: The day the graffiti fought back.

Such a cool short story! I like the POV. Very inventive.

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Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

Today marks week 23 of the 52 week writing challenge!

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The prompt for 11th June is ‘Art’:

ssbanner 11th June

This week, the prompt is related to the #FlashFicHive challenge on Twitter, run by Anjela Curtis: http://anjelacurtis.com/flashfichive/. The challenge was to write a story inspired by a GIF. If you want to join in, details are above and on twitter: https://twitter.com/FlashFicHive

The GIF I chose is:

giphy (3).gif

I aimed for no more than 1000 words. I got 874.

My Attempt: Graffiti isn’t art

The painted eyes never tired, closed, nor slept. At the end of the day, the passersby dwindled, but the harsh words clung to the pastel image. Vandalism, not art. Every day brought new people. They rushed by, shuffled by, hobbled along past the wall where he lay. Their open mouths spat accusations and…

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