Floetry Friday #8 Inside The Mind of A Hungry MC

Keeping my eyes on the prize is an every day job, I may steal your hearts but I won't resort to rob, Or con or hold a knife, getting drunk & acting trife, Just to get the good life for my kids & my wife. Like Mel my Heart is Brave but it's all in …


Floetry Friday #8: Broken

There are many meanings for the word: Broken. Not the character you see on WWE, but what is inside of you that feels broken. I made a poem expressing my feelings about the word Broke. While writing this, I discovered there's more to being broke than just not having money. Read on! Hope you enjoy!

Floetry Friday #7: A Rose that grows in Ridgewood

When I think of Floetry Friday, I look at it as an outlet to bring out the poetic side of me that ran most of my teenaged life. Although I don't rhyme like I used to, that doesn't mean I'm not expired to write verses in metaphoric forms. This time I'm taking a crack at love by writing a heartfelt poem that is short, but sweet. It's about a rose that grew in Brooklyn, eventually changing into a lovely Honey Bee!

Floetry Friday #6 – I Don’t Know

Back from vacation, Floetry Friday is back with another new poem, dedicated to all those who have questions about the ways of today's world. Questions pop in my head everyday and I'm no closer to finding the answers. This is what I feel when I get eluded by those answers and don't know where to search for them. Take some seconds to read this poem and see if you feel the same as I do.

Floetry Friday: Video of the Lost Episode!

This is a very special Floetry Friday! With the launch of my brand new YouTube channel, I'm happy to spread the news and the love with the release of my first-ever Blogisode of Floetry Friday - uncut in its entirety! Hope you enjoy! More YouTube content coming soon! Like, subscribe, all that good stuff! Have a great weekend!!!

Blogisode #21: The Sweet Taste of Good Music

There are so many songs that we grew up listening to still played in today's culture. I wonder why that is? Could it be because that's what our parents forced us to listen to or did we search for certain songs that talked to our hearts? On today's Blogisode, I discuss how my own songs are taking the first steps towards the journey of music and how it may affect their lives in the future. Sounds intriguing, huh? Read on!