A picture is worth a thousand words!

With all that has been going on this past year, I just felt it in my heart to speed the message that we are all God's children. Hate can only go so far, causing nothing but further pain. We're not only this Earth for very long. Why waste your days with hate? Spread the love. Please


Blogisode #17: Today! We celebrate! Our Independence Day!

Everyone doesn't have the same views on holidays. Most of them don't even know the reason for the holiday except that it's a free day from work. Do people celebrate our Nation's birthday the same way because that's what society has programmed into our brains to think? Or do we truly know what we are celebrating? Or ever care on top of that? Read my new Blogisode to see what my family and I did. Also, what I really think about the Independence Day holiday! Enjoy!

Blogisode #16: Be Kind and Rewind…but never look back.

For this Blogisode, my topic is bit different, turning this into a combination of a movie review and motivational message. In the Bible, God says he's everywhere and in everything. So, I feel there's a message to be learned in any situation, depending if your eyes are opened wide enough to see it. Read about how I found a life lesson in a below-the-radar hit comedy that I stumbled upon in the past week! Trust me, this Blogisode is a Can't-miss!

Blogisode #14 – Shooting Blanks! My kingdom for an idea.

I usually don't like when I draw a blank, especially when I'm in the middle in of the biggest operations in my life! However, as I often say, there's always a positive flower that blooms in the dismal plain of negativity. On this Blogisode, I share my thoughts on how important stepping back can be in order to continue moving forward. Read. Enjoy!