Public Service Announcement – 11/22/17

We, the people of Enero Once Incorporated, interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this special news bulletin: Due to the upcoming holiday weekend and last-minute preparations for the family's Thanksgiving dinner, we regret to inform you that there won't be any new blog posts this week for The Eleventh Hour, Rantin' Thursday & Floetry Friday. …



This is the first step I'm taking into relaunching my first ever epic book series. It took me a long time to get back to this point, after my first go-around didn't go so well, but we've made it. I plan to release the novel sometime this Fall. I project somewhere in the month of October. However, not everything goes according to plan so I want to pace myself and make sure I cross all my T's and dot all my I's. With that said, one thing that is ready to be presented to the world is what the cover will look like. This is the image you'll see in the online marketplace once my book goes live for sale. The Paperback will follow at a later time. So. Without further ado, read on the view the cover of Angelites: Body of Persons Empowered!