Blogisode #28 – Netflix is a joke!

Before we entered the age of parenthood, my wife and I used to binge-watch after our long days of work. Everything from recorded shows on DVR to the leftovers lingering OnDemand, we always had something to look forward to…and criticize, lol! Now that our kids are older, we’ve managed to gain some of our TV time back. But lately, the quality of television programming has really been lacking in originality. Stale jokes, lazy storytelling, dumb characters and recycled love stories from other bad shows that are no longer on the air. SMH.

So one night, we decided to switch gears and give Netflix a try. As I flipped through their endless rows of content, I stumbled upon the “Def Comedy Jam 25th Anniversary” special. I suggested this to my wife since she loves comedies. And she was down. We enjoyed the show so much that we looked for other comedy specials to watch. Needless to say, we found three particular shows that are absolutely golden! I would recommend these shows for anyone looking to roll on the floor with laughter! And here they are:

Dave Chappelle – Deep in the Heart of Texas
Although this comedic genius has managed to released about 3 or 4 specials on Netflix already, this one stuck out to me the most. After being off the mainstream radar for several years, he showed that he has not lost a step. He even touches on his journey after he left Chappelle Show, with a very comical twist. You can tell he was back in his element: comfortable, happy, and not to mention zero “F’s” were given in the topics he discussed! I highly recommend peeping this first before watching the others, but they’re all great!

Chris Tucker Live
OMG! At first, I had my doubts on this show because I thought it was going to be pretty much the same material that a lot of today’s comedians spew on stage. But no! Chris Tucker brought the fire! What had me laughing loud was when he talked about his times at school. This show was so much fun to watch that I desperately want him and Jackie Chan to do Rush Hour 4! lol!

Katt Williams: Great America
If you want to talk about a man who came back with a vengeance, then this is your guy! From the opening moments talking about Jacksonville, Katt Williams gave me belly cramps from laughing so much! My most memorable line is, “That’s the old classic!” Just watch the show to see what I mean. LOL!!

The great news is that there are plenty of other stand-up shows to check out as Netflix has grown its library of great comedy specials. Here’s a link to an article from about some other shows you may be interested in watching:

Give those a try. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend! Much love to all of you!

Jan Eleven


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