Spirit Food #1 – Protect the Word more than Things…

Good morning!! And Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Are you excited about the game? I sure am. People are debating who’s going to win. Well let me tell you: ever since last year when the Patriots came back to win the Super Bowl, after getting mangled for three quarters, I became a believer in Tom Brady and I jumped on the Patriots bandwagon! Therefore, I believe the Patriots will win another Super Bowl tonight!! Please don’t bite my head off! I said they would win, that doesn’t mean I’m a fan! Now with more pleasant topics, let’s get into today’s message I want to share with all you. Amen.

Slowly, I’m getting back into the groove of studying and reading my daily scriptures, digesting as much of the Holy word as possible. During my studies, I came across a passage from the Book of Mark. Verse 4:15 says and I quote, “Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in them.”

At first I really couldn’t understand what Jesus was trying to say. My initial thought was how most people of power use trickery and deceit to keep you trapped in the Matrix of today’s society. Most of the make-up gets you thinking how important your “things” are and how image matters in order to be accepted by society as an important person. I posted a Blogisode last year called Flamingos where I touch on this same issue and it got a good response. However, I think this goes in a different way.

I read it a little more to try and let those words sink into my brain to better understand. I know what the verse is saying, but I want to know the message behind it. So, I looked into what other writers and teachers had to say on the verse and, from what I gathered, it saying that once you read the word of God and accept it into your heart, Satan will enter your mind and give you reason to reject it, therefore stealing the word away from you. I know we are all guilty of this, I certainly am. For a while I looked forward reading God’s word, strengthening my Spirituality and my connection with God. But then, I’m sure most of us can relate, I let financial matters and personal amusement interfere in my growth until eventually becoming first in my life.

I want to start this new year off right, therefore my Spirituality has to be as strong as my physicality and mentality. This verse is telling us to hold God’s words safe and protect them more than your favorite game or iPhone or whatever “thing” you hold precious. It just means that whatever Spiritual connection you follow, their words help you grow as an individual. And growing in mind, body and spirit is more important than anything Satan or the Powers That Be can throw at you to derail your growth. I’ve been a victim of allowing God’s word to leave my mind, which has left me lost. Even my accomplishments left me half-satisfied because I took it on as means of a job rather than a pleasure, like I finished it because it was something I had to do rather than enjoying the journey and relishing in the spoils.

God has given me the gifts to draw and write stories, hence my connection with comic books because it has to do with both. My gift of writing has blossomed over the years and I believe will take me to the next level. Have a acknowledged God that? No. I thanked Him for the success of completing my novel, but never have I once thanked Him for my gift of writing. I got so caught up in entering the world of book writing that I forgot to feel the excitement of entering a new world of creativity, which is what I think this verse from the Book of Mark is talking about. I could be wrong, but that’s what I take from it. What do you think?

I think this is a good way to get the conversation going. Mind you, I’m still new at this and hope that I can only get better as the weeks move along. Any case, I want to wish you all the best week possible and may you be blessed in every aspect of your lives. I pray for God to bless you all!

Hope you enjoyed my first full feature of Spirit Food and look forward to next week.

Have a great day! And enjoy the game!!

Jan Eleven


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