Spirit Food #2: Rewards of Giving

Almost everyday, I hear and see people announcing their good deeds expecting to be praised. I see people lend you things and the first thing they make clear is they expect to be paid back. Why do we give? Is it because you feel pressured in doing the right thing? Are looking forward to the payback? Why even give if you're expecting to get something back? That's not giving - that's loaning. Many of us have confused the two and it's affecting relationships around the world. Hopefully my words can bring some insight on how I feel about the situation. Would you like to join me? I'd be honored by your presence!


Rant# 7: Parking Mad!!!

The only worst than driving in NYC is parking in NYC! I'm sure this is the same story in most big cities, but where I'm from the parking situation has become a growing epidemic. On this week's rant, I discuss the violation of parking rules, which has got to be the city's greatest hustling system ever created to suck out more money from our wallets! Read if you have the same problem. If you happen to live in a house with a garage, then read it anyway to get a kick out of how life for you used to be.

Blogisode #27: Humility

When you're proud of someone, you want to shout it out loud enough for the world to hear. During your adulation, you forget who's listening to you and say certain things that come across as insulting. Word of advice: if you want to the world to love you over the good choices from your family or accomplishments that you've made, give people a reason to love you by choosing your words wisely. You may be in the highs of life, but that's not a strong enough reason for people to care. Entitlement is deadly disease going on in society. Read my Blogisode if you'd like to hear my thoughts on the matter.

Spirit Food #1 – Protect the Word more than Things…

I may be a month late, but I'm keeping my word to start the new year off by building and strengthening my Spirituality. What I would do is read a passage from the Bible everyday and then takes notes on what I learned from it. Now I decided, in order to stay with it, to post what I learned on my new blog series, Spirit Food. This will not only keep me in line with studies, hopefully, but will give you a piece of what I'm learning in hopes that it may trigger you to want to feed your inner space as well. This is experimental so I don't know how this will work. Take this ride with me and let's find out together. Enjoy my first Blogisode and I hope you'll be inspired by the end.

Rant #6: Phony Followers

How many people get frustrated by not having a lot of people notice you and your work? Or how many of you feel stressed because you can't seem to get enough eyes on your product? I can see where most of you are coming from. But the real question is: how LOW are you willing to go to make it look like your more important than you really are?? Hmm...read my rant tonight to see what I'm talking about.

Blogisode #26: Inspiring or bragging??

When I do something great, of course I want to share my news with anyone who will listen. But when does constantly reminding people that you're a big shot turn into beating a dead horse? So you got the money and live the life we wish we could live - now what? What do you plan to accomplish by telling us all the time that you're living well? Is that all you're going to do with your fame? Or are you going to do something that actually matters in the real world? In today's Blogisode, I explore the difference between the inspirers and the braggers. Choose your side.