Spirit Food Blog Premiere: Serving #0 – Why now?

Good day everybody!

If you’ve been reading my other blog series, then you may notice my occurring theme of spreading a positive message behind everything I write…well, maybe not so much my rants! lol Then again, I think it’s healthy and smart to have an outlet to let out your anger and frustration, better than taking it out on people you love or strangers who don’t deserve to suffer your furious wrath. One thing I haven’t done or done enough of is give credit to God who has put these motives in my heart to share with everyone in cyberspace. This is my way to not only show God how thankful I am but to also talk about passages I may read in the bible or messages that have been taught to me in which I feel can change someone’s life, maybe just brighten someone’s dark day.

Mind you, this won’t be a series about me acting as a pastor. It’s about strengthening spirituality. I know there are some people who choose to follow the ways of “the universe” instead of God. Or there may be other people who don’t believe in either but are willing to hear a good word to make think or react differently to the world they say around them. All of that is great! That’s just I want to do, share some of my insight in hopes that you see the same and maybe we can discuss together to help each other move further in our goals. However, I do tend to be a hothead. Maybe I may write something that doesn’t come across correctly and you can help me understand it from a different standpoint. I’m always eager to learn and also to listen. I want this to be completely positive for all who happen to read and follow.

I’m nowhere near an ambassador of goodwill or a preacher of any kind. This is an experiment for me in sharing with all of you what I practice almost every day of my life. This helps me to not only stay positive but to feed my spirituality in order to stay strong, giving me the tools I need to withstand the evil ways currently plaguing this world. I hope this ritual will help you as much as it helps me over the years. Sure, I’ve slipped here and there, forgotten about it a few times – no one is 100% perfect – but maybe if it comes from personal insight then I can stay more on track…at least that’s what I hope and pray for.

Not sure about the time yet. Be it I wear many hats in my home, I may have time to write in the mornings this week, but may finally get on my computer by midnight the following week. Still, I’m going for it and I hope you can join me for the ride as long as I can keep this train moving. So, good luck to all of us. I hope you enjoy!

God bless you all!

Jan Eleven


2 Replies to “Spirit Food Blog Premiere: Serving #0 – Why now?”

  1. Love this idea and love the basket of fruit! I used to pray the fruit of the spirit and the armor every morning. I need to get back into the practice. Two of the most powerful scriptures for life in my opinion. Be blessed!! Sharing your words certainly will bless you, I know that much!


    1. Thank you so much! That says a lot coming from such a talented woman like yourself! 🙂 I’m in the same boat as you which is why I decided to start doing this – to get back into practice. I just want to share what I learn with people, whether they read it or not. Hope for a positive result!


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