Blogisode #22 – The Scooter Dilemma

I've heard the old expression that sometimes the teacher can learn from the student. In this particular Blogisode of The Eleventh Hour, I learn a lesson from my son as his determination to not be left behind by the pack motivated him to learn how to ride a scooter! If a 4 year old can have the heart to not quit, even if it seems like the dream will never come true, we as adults should take note and realize that nothing is too far out of reach. Perseverance is the key! Read tonight's Blogisode and enjoy!


Public Service Announcement – 11/22/17

We, the people of Enero Once Incorporated, interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this special news bulletin: Due to the upcoming holiday weekend and last-minute preparations for the family's Thanksgiving dinner, we regret to inform you that there won't be any new blog posts this week for The Eleventh Hour, Rantin' Thursday & Floetry Friday. …

Blogisode #21: The Sweet Taste of Good Music

There are so many songs that we grew up listening to still played in today's culture. I wonder why that is? Could it be because that's what our parents forced us to listen to or did we search for certain songs that talked to our hearts? On today's Blogisode, I discuss how my own songs are taking the first steps towards the journey of music and how it may affect their lives in the future. Sounds intriguing, huh? Read on!