You are somebody’s baby


To the Mighty Faithful of The Eleventh Chapter and to all visiting the Eleventh Hour for the first time: this message comes from the heart. Hear me.

How are we brought into the world?
We enter as babies.


How beautiful is a baby?


The feeling of holding a brand new creation of life in your hands is the most joyous feeling a human being could ever encounter.


You look at this little miracle.
Over-pouring love flows from your heart and surrounds the entire room.


We can all feel that love.
We live for our babies.
We’ll die for our babies.


Can you stand seeing anyone harm a baby? Yours or anyone else’s?


You used to be someone’s baby.
You still ARE someone’s baby! In the eyes of your parents.


We are all God’s children.


Our job as adults is to guide our children.
Have the youth learn from the examples we portray.
We love our children. So our first lesson should be love. Right?


Why is Hate the be-all and end-all?
We love babies but spew hate and inflict pain among each other.
You are somebody’s baby. The person you’re hurting is somebody’s baby.

Babies are beautiful. Life is Beautiful. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!




Jan Eleven



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