A picture is worth a thousand words!

With all that has been going on this past year, I just felt it in my heart to speed the message that we are all God's children. Hate can only go so far, causing nothing but further pain. We're not only this Earth for very long. Why waste your days with hate? Spread the love. Please


Blogisode #19: The Lost Boys vs. Fright Night! Which movie is better?!

Thirty years ago in Bronx, New York, I went to Loews Paradise with my older brother on a rainy Tuesday night to go and see this great movie about rock n' roll, comedy and the most hippest vampires you've ever seen: The Lost Boys! I loved it then and thirty years later I still love it! But over the years its been compared to another vampire movie that came out around the same time: Fright Night! I briefly dissect both movies and give my honest opinion on which was the better movie. Wanna see which one I choose? Read on to find out!