Blogisode #18: The Mighty Faithful of the 11th Chapter

Good day, my people – the mighty faithful of the 11th chapter! How you doin’?!

Now, I guess that you’re wondering, “Where the hell did he come up with such a long and outrageous name?” LOL!! Fair question. Let’s get down the reason why.

First off, I want you to know how thankful I am for every follower I get, whether it’s family, friends or followers whom I never met in person. You all see something in me or in my work that made you want to be invested in my journey. You’ve chosen to become passengers when you could’ve dismissed me as another one of those “social media salesman” who either want to sell you something they have or use their number of follows for bragging rights.

One fact I’ve learned, during my second time around on this venture, is how so many of you are like me: passionate about your vision and possessing the ability to create something special for us to see. Your platform, your stature, is more than just putting up your name on a page and ranting about every single moment of your life that goes wrong, spreading negativity and looking for like-minded people to share your pity.

We are builders. We are creators. We have visions that can ultimately change the world! And that’s why I’m so happy to have you kind of people riding with me on this journey again. This is the kind of positivity and creativity I constantly want to surround myself with, continuously fueling me to keep going until I’ve reached my goal, fulfilling my vision to be birthed into a reality.

Having said all of that, I wanted to show my appreciation by giving all of you a specific title to show what a vital component you are for Jan Eleven and the Enero Once Incorporated movement. And also: I’m a wrestling fan! What can I say? LOL!! Besides, it’s a bore for me to have to refer all of you as “my followers,” or “my fans.” Last I checked I’m nowhere near celebrity status!

So, I wanted to have as much fun with this Jan Eleven world as I can. Once the fun is gone, then these blogs and posts become a second job, adding more stress and worry to what you already face every day. So – my family, friends, and followers who make up this group – I’ve given you a title!

Now, why did I choose The Mighty Faithful of the Eleventh Chapter? Let’s see…first, I’ll start with “The Mighty.” With endless amounts of strength we could muster, the unique talents we have buried deep in our hearts, there’s no limit to what we can do when we’re focused and passionate, using our gifts to uplift.

So many people today choose to make our world their personal playground: promoting foolish and silly actions from people by waving a large chunk of money in the faces of the less fortunate for personal enjoyment – using weapons to kill for their ego instead of defending for honor – showing off their valuables to make themselves look good instead of inspiring others how to be successful and responsible with their riches.

Struggles come in my path every day. With faith and determination equipped in my repertoire, I somehow overcome the challenge and live to fight another day. I’m sure all of you are in the same boat as I since you’ve drawn a liking to my portfolio. That’s only a sample as to why I chose to use the word Mighty.

And now, let’s look at Faithful. I look at all of you following a dream like I am. Right there that makes you faithful: believing in something that’s not visible. You know you can be successful. You know that you’re going to reach your goal doing whatever it is you love to do. Working at a job that hasn’t paid you yet and fighting each day to keep it alive for others to enjoy, that’s love! That’s passion! If you knew you were going to use your skills for a task that didn’t have some reward at the end, even if it was as simple as a compliment, I bet you wouldn’t even bother. Why would you write a blog in hopes that it’ll reach others, attempting to make them change their perspective on life unless it came from the heart?

Working at something for ONLY money is a job. I understand that’s the one thing we all need, but for the talented, it seems so limited. With no commitment from ourselves to take our talents to the next level, that’s all our skills will be good for and they’ll be no special rewards at the end of the tunnel. Just a paycheck. Then comes the routine, day in and day out, which will make you miserable and then you’ll hate your job.

We all need to start somewhere and sure your journey may take longer than you might like, but let me say to those who can see the greater picture: don’t lose focus! Keep running down the same road you’re currently traveling. Your payoff will come soon! And that’s why I chose Faithful.

The Eleventh Chapter may sound weird, but that’s my personal label for the next level I alluded to in the last paragraph. That’s the last chapter of my book of victory, telling the story of how I had a premonition, succeeding in either the world of literature and/or art. None of us can ever have the “perfect life,” but knowing where you started from and how hard you worked every day to make your vision a reality, makes it a reason to smile at life, look forward to the sunshine on a rainy day.

That is because you rebelled against the world! Constantly hearing doubts and negative feedback on how you’ll never succeed unless you play by their rules, but yet you still climbed to the top of the mountain, strapped with the arsenal that God blessed you with since birth! That’s a perfect story!

Not many of us reach the final chapter of a book, especially when the writing becomes too difficult or not having time to sit down and finish reading the story. However, when the effort is put forth and sacrifices are made, you’ll reach the finish line. And when you get to share with others on how quitting was not an option, saying how you started off right from where they are, that’s perfect! Living with that victory for the rest of your life. Inspiring the next generation to follow your example, including your own children! That, my friends, is the Eleventh Chapter.

To the Mighty Faithful of the Eleventh Chapter, I say to you, thank you for your support. But also, thank you for YOUR work. Getting to meet new people on my platforms and being able to see what they’ve done or learned about what they’re going to do is such an inspiration! Besides providing for my own family, you all give me the strength to keep going! For a Bronx, NY native, getting people from around the world to take a peek at my thoughts that I write on a few blogs every week was a far-fetched dream I never thought could ever happen. Look where we are now!

Oh yeah, I’m going for that Eleventh Chapter! I got a long way to go, but the road is a lot shorter when you have company. Let’s get to that last chapter, y’all!!

Thank you for reading this week’s Blogisode. I hope to see all of you again real soon!

Have a great day and a blessed week!

Much love, peace, and happiness!

Jan Eleven


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