Blogisode #17: Today! We celebrate! Our Independence Day!

announcement2Before I begin, let me just say thank you to all my family, friends and followers who have chosen to accompany me on this once in a lifetime journey to self-discovery. Most people waste Social Media platforms showing off themselves by pretending to be within the upper echelons of humanity. Others use it to shine a negative light over their heads, spewing out words of anger and depression, hoping to drag you down to their level so that they’ll have traveling partners while wandering through the wastelands of ineptitude.

I, however, choose to not only uplift myself, using these gifts God has blessed me with, but hope to add some kind of motivation to people who just need one swift kick in the butt to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. For this, I’ve coined a phrase that I’d like to give to all of you. I believe it’s more official and classier than just saying you are all my “fans” or “followers.” That sounds so Hollywood, and last I checked I’m nowhere near a star!

Therefore – my family, friends, and followers who are with me – you are now deemed as The Mighty Faithful of the Eleventh Chapter! Cool, huh? J (If you don’t think so please let me know: too corny, sacrilegious, whatever.) So, if you hear me throw that title around, it represents all of you. Thank you so much for your support and feedback! I love you all!


Welcome back, everybody!!!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend – extended may I add. I don’t know about most of you, but I had off both Monday and Tuesday to enjoy our nation’s birthday: the 4th of July! Well…I have the whole week off because I took some vacation days, but still, I had off both days! LOL!!

What did most of you do? Did you happen to go to an open area to check out the fireworks? Did you go to a BBQ and just pig out until sunset? I didn’t have the pleasure to do any of those this year, but we still had a great weekend! It was divided between driving out to different places in the five boroughs, having my nieces spend a few nights with us, and face-lifting our entire house with an overdue Spring cleaning! Yes, it was busy, but fun at the same time. I look at the end result and find it a huge success, not only because it looks like a brand new home, but because my son’s new Kindergarten teacher came over for a visit to get to know my son!! Man, am I glad my wife pushed for us to get to work! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

My sons were out every day enjoying the sunshine. And having their cousins over only doubled their pleasure. Although they have a ball together, having two extra kids kept them occupied while Mommy and I were in the house throwing out loads of junk. I think the highlight of the weekend for them was a trip to Toys R Us where they got new board games like “Despicable Me TROUBLE” and “CONNECT 4,” plus new Sonic The Hedgehog toys. Man, I remember playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis many moons ago! Who knew that character would still be popular today?

More than having a good time this past weekend, I think of holidays that honor our military and have an ache in my heart. My father was a veteran who gallantly fought in the Vietnam War, lying about his age at 16 years old just so he can fight for our country. Why is it people are so quick to talk about growing this country and making it great but fail to give honor to the men and women who gave their blood, sweat, and tears to defend the very freedom that we, the people, take complete and terrible advantage of? I see so many homeless people around my job and half of them are military involved. This upsets me a great deal because I think we’re the richest country on the planet. Wouldn’t you think that the government would swing some of those funds to the soldiers who help us maintain our stature?

In honor of my father, I designed a new profile pic for my Facebook account. To advertise myself as an artist as well as an author, I started designing a new profile pic every month just to test my skills. This time around, I thought it was proper to create a picture with a patriotic theme. Besides, whether public or personal, we’re all fighting a war in some aspects of our lives. Here it is below. Tell me what you think!

rainy profile pic

I know holidays mean a day off from work or a reason to party, but let’s not forget the meaning behind the holiday we’re celebrating. Do we understand what the holiday is for or is it just another free day?

I hope everyone had a great 4th and got to have time with their loved ones because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about: living life to the fullest and remembering the ones who have passed on, letting them know their spirits will forever live in our hearts! This is for you, Dad. Your baby boy loves you!

Have a great summer everybody!

P.S. Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time to get back on my grind! New Blogisodes, more ads for Angelites and a couple of other surprises are in store for all of the Mighty Faithful this summer, including a brand new Floetry Friday! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to share it will all you!

Have a great weekend!

God bless!



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