Floetry Friday: Session#3 – “Sleep” written by Jan Eleven

Floetry Friday is the day I try to post something from a poetic standpoint, whether it be a poem I wrote or kicking rhymes on camera. This week I present a poem about something we need more of: Sleep! Sometimes Sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed to accomplish a goal. However, its our best friend in today's world, resting out bodies for the battle ahead.


Blogisode #18: The Mighty Faithful of the 11th Chapter

Good day, my people – the mighty faithful of the 11th chapter! How you doin’?! Now, I guess that you’re wondering, “Where the hell did he come up with such a long and outrageous name?” LOL!! Fair question. Let’s get down the reason why. First off, I want you to know how thankful I am …

Blogisode #17: Today! We celebrate! Our Independence Day!

Everyone doesn't have the same views on holidays. Most of them don't even know the reason for the holiday except that it's a free day from work. Do people celebrate our Nation's birthday the same way because that's what society has programmed into our brains to think? Or do we truly know what we are celebrating? Or ever care on top of that? Read my new Blogisode to see what my family and I did. Also, what I really think about the Independence Day holiday! Enjoy!