Blogisode #16: Be Kind and Rewind…but never look back.

Good morning my people!

We made it for another week!! That’s an accomplishment in the world today!!

On this Blogisode, I’m going to switch gears and talk about how a life lesson can be learned from anything you see or anywhere you look, even underneath a rock!

During the week, I watched a movie on HBO, which I found surprisingly pleasant. It’s called, “Be Kind Rewind,” starring Jack Black and Mos Def, released in 2008. Critics gave it positive reviews and it grossed about $30 million dollars, but I wish it got the worldwide attention it deserved, for I believe it holds water in comparison to most of these undeserving, crap-on-a-stick movies that are – God only knows why – referred to as Comedy films.


The plot goes as follows (the short, short version:) Mos Def works at a declining VHS rental store. His friend, Jack Black, attempts to sabotage an electrical substation, but in the process becomes magnetized and inadvertently erases all the VHS movies by walking passed them. They come up with a scheme to recreate the hit movies and rent them out without mentioning it to customers. Unbeknown to the duo, word of mouth spreads through the neighborhood and popularity grows because of the sudden high demand for their cinematic renditions.

The story is hilarious – even though there’s no way a rental store would ever get away with such a scandal. What I love about this movie is not the actors – the acting – or the jokes. I found an uplifting message behind the story most of us ordinary folks should take heed and follow each and every day of our lives.

As we know, Jack and Mos had a plan to remake movies in deceitful action. However, I saw two talented guys who worked hard to make a vision become a reality. It may’ve sounded silly, but because of their belief and dedication, their idea came to full fruition. That’s what makes the movie so great!

We all have crazy ideas people try to make fun of or flap their gums telling you it’s a waste of time. The naysayers will never be correct in their assumptions. Like Mr. Miyagi says in the Karate Kid Part II, “Lie become truth only if person want to believe it.”


If you have a drive to do something in life, knowing it goes beyond rational thought, don’t let anything stop you from accomplishing your goal. It’s true that some ideas can be considered far-fetched. But then again, Captain C.B. Sullenberger landed a plane on top of the Hudson River, didn’t he? Anything is possible!

Most of my positive thinking has to do with my venture to turn Jan Eleven and Enero Once Inc. into an actual brand, an uphill battle the entire way. So, when I see these kinds of movies or hear songs about being an overcomer, I get motivational fuel to keep going, especially now since I’m beginning to show symptoms of burning out. But, I’m going to continue. This is the first project I can call my own. My creation. I’m my own boss. It’s success and failure all falls on me. I can take it as far as I’m willing to go. And with a wife and two kids to look after, I plan to go all the way!

I’m sure a lot of my readers are all in the same boat. So, I say to all of you: please don’t throw in the towel. I’m sick and tired of Society brainwashing folks on what goals they should aim for or other people wanting to follow the status quo. We have unique minds that can change the world! Keep creating and promoting your asses off until your name and your message stretch across the globe!

Most importantly, on those days when you feel like you’re fighting the battle alone, always remember I, Jan Eleven, am there along with you. Let me quote Joe Clack from Lean On Me: “We sink. We swim. We rise. We fall. We meet our fate together!”


I didn’t mean to go so far off the subject! J But you can’t just bottle up a special message when it sings from the heart. On this day, I wanted to share it with all of you. I hope it gets through.

Anyway, if you need a reason to kick your feet up in front of the couch and watch a refreshing film – breaking away from the normal crap in today’s market – then I highly recommend “Be Kind Rewind.” I just said the right word: it’s refreshing!

Thank you for tuning in for another Blogisode. I had much fun putting this together for I love steering off course by opening new topics for discussion, as well as giving you some food for thought. I hope you had just as much fun reading it.

Have a great week! Keep the faith!



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