Blogisode #15 – Father’s Day: What it means to me to be a Father.

It’s Father’s Day!!

To all Father’s out there who have sacrificed everything to give their children a better life, I’d like to send you a special shout out of love and respect. Happy Father’s Day to all of you!!

This is one holiday that would hardly get my full attention. When I was younger, my Mom would buy a card for my brother and me to sign followed by a phone call, wishing my Dad a Happy Father’s Day. For the past ten years or so, this would be the time my brother and I plan a special trip to Calverton Memorial. We would first visit Dad at his burial for about an hour and then visit two of our uncles resting there as well. It’s a pleasant trip since after I got married I don’t see my brother as much. The car ride is about ninety minutes, plenty of time for us to catch up on life and share some laughs to keep up a refreshing mood.

Today, however, Father’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. I’m a Father now, of two wonderful boys! My youngest son will be starting Pre-K this coming Fall while his older brother will be entering the doors of Kindergarten. I don’t think most men truly take the time to fathom on how important of a role we play in this zany world. I know Mother’s have a lot more work ahead of them as well, but Fathers have it just as tough. We are considered the leaders of the family.

Sons should look to their Fathers as the first role model they’ll have in life. That means we have to set the right example for them to follow each and every day. It’s up to us to teach them the rules of life: how to make a living, being responsible, how to control anger and never use the word “quit.” There are other principals, of course, but it’d take me forever to list them. LOL!!

Anyway, our youth shouldn’t be picking up the basic rules of life on television because – let’s face it – the level of programming today is so inferior and dull-witted the only thing our boys will learn is how to curse somebody out and fight when things don’t go their way. How it’s okay to act like an adolescent goofball at the age of 30! Not only is it wrong, but also it’s immoral. Boys grow to become men, not the other way around. But, if these boys follow examples from their Father’s, then who’s the one at fault? I pray to God my boys are never in that predicament.

Sons will see their fathers take the world on their shoulders and would want to emulate them, as they get older. Strength doesn’t only come from the gym. Any fool can lift heavy weights, but real strength comes from the strongest muscle in our body: the heart.

Daughters look to their Fathers for protection, witnessing at an early age how a real man acts. When they grow up and want to start a family of their own, the first memories they’ll have will be how their Father’s raised them. This is vital to them once they enter the world of date. Every man they meet will be compared to their Father, in hopes to one day marry a man as strong and devoted as him.

Women are stronger people with a “real” Father in their lives. While Mothers will teach them how to be women, Fathers will protect them from making mistakes, primarily those presented to them during the Olympic games of love. He will judge their daughter’s dates and throw them out on their asses if they’re not good enough – which might be done anyway, even if the guy was a lawyer!

Fathers treat their daughters like precious jewels, acting like no man on the planet is good enough to ask for their hand in marriage. Daughters may get annoyed while they’re younger, but these lessons stay with them as the get older, teaching them self-respect and upping their value to a grander scale. They know they’re special. They can change the world. And as an adult, they’ll either want to be the leader they followed at home or find a man who’s ready, willing and able to take on that leadership helm, to teach these same qualities to their sons and daughters.

Being a Father is more than just showing off your kids to other women, proving you’re a responsible man or buying them whatever they want or beating them with a belt when they misbehave. It’s about responsibility. Leadership. Teaching. Communicating. Whatever knowledge we upload into our children will be the message they share with the world one day.

It’s up to us – parents in general – to guide our children down the right paths to respect, success and love, not force them. We can pray for God to come into their hearts and have his angels protect them throughout life, but it’s still up to us to inform them about what we pray for and how they can overcome any obstacle, as long as their hearts are full of faith. Encourage their dreams, not your own. Show them how they should behave instead of leaving it up to this corrupt society. It starts at home, so we must create these walls into a hall of knowledge!

Most men think it’s necessary to teach their kids how to fight because of the level of ignorance that has grown in this society. However, who says you have to go looking for fights? There’s no shame in walking away from a confrontation if there’s no sign of change at the end. I’m not going to lie, I teach my kids to defend themselves, but I also teach them things like showing respect and using wisdom before force in any kind of situation. Society steers the youth into thinking only one way, but it’s up to us to tell our kids that there’s always another way. The truth can be questioned!

I can go on and on, but I’ll be writing forever if I do. All I’m trying to say is being a Father deserves a 100% commitment to the job, more so than any job paying you 5 or 6 figures. Money doesn’t mean a damn thing without a strong support system at home to share with your fortune. Besides, money can buy a lot of things, except happiness. Raising a child through stress and heartache just to see them several years in the future become the ultimate success story is priceless!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s special Father’s Day Blogisode! Hope you enjoyed reading it and have accepted my point of view on certain things, even if you don’t agree. Your continued support is much appreciated and I hope to keep providing you with content satisfactory to your needs!

Have a great weekend and a special holiday!

God bless you all!




One Reply to “Blogisode #15 – Father’s Day: What it means to me to be a Father.”

  1. To everyone who has taken the time to read this Special Edition Blogisode: I just want to say thank you all so much, each and every one of you for giving me a chance to enter your world with words from my heart!! I wish you all the most success and look forward to reading your work as well!

    Take care!
    Much love!
    God bless!



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