Floetry Friday: Unofficial Freestyle of the Artistic Poetician

Salutations my peeps!

This is a special post on The Eleventh Hour, because its not my typical Blogisodes that I post every week. Today I’m presenting you with another skill in my arsenal of talents: poetry. I had such a good start to my morning that a feeling of positivity came over me, a feeling that I haven’t got since I was a college student at Sullivan County Community College.

These moments don’t come often, considering I’m older and more busy. So, as any artist can relate, when you have that feeling to go outside the box, no time to overthink it. Just get out there and do it!

Therefore, before entering the train station to go to work, I turned on the camcorder on my phone and went back to my roots as an MC: I kicked a freestyle verse! That means I was rhyming with whatever came to mind – no books, no bullet points, no rehearsed verses written several years ago. It was just me and my thoughts I wanted to share with the world in rhythmic form.

Unfortunately, my account doesn’t support uploaded videos, so I’m unable to share with you the actual freestyle session. However, I did two things for you to share in my experience:

First, I’ve included the link to my Facebook page. www.facebook.com/janelevenceo
Just click and scroll down until you see the title, “Floetry Friday.” Click on my face and enjoy! By the way, I also have the video uploaded on Instagram, which you can see on the side menu of my latest posts, Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check it before I loaded it, since I was running to work, and was informed that video gets cut off. People still gave me positive feedback, but I’d rather you watch it from Facebook to get the uncut session. I want every I spat to be heard in your ears and felt in your hearts.

Second, I wrote out my entire verse and converted it into a graphic, something most poets do to not only make it more appealing to the eye, but to capture the mood of the poem to further engage the reader. The graphic is below. Read it however you like, but I hope you like it as much as I did reciting it!

Floetry Friday Unofficial

I’ll be back soon with a brand new Blogisode shortly. Sorry for the delay but its been a rough couple of days, distracting me from my work. But don’t worry, your boy will bounce back, stronger than ever!

Have a great weekend!

God bless!



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