Blogisode #14 – Shooting Blanks! My kingdom for an idea.

Today, I’m having one of those “drawing-a-blank” days again. Must be the weather that’s got my brain malfunctioning: too many gray clouds, and rain, not enough sunshine and blue skies.

Have you ever wondered how the weather could dampen your whole mood? I’ve been thinking about this cause-and-effect a lot over the past few weekends. I shouldn’t let something like this change my mood, but I can’t help letting the gloom from the outside cleanse out my joy on the inside. No, I don’t walk around depressed or anything like that, but my levels of enthusiasm definitely do get knocked down several notches.

These are one of those days when I don’t mind if my sons play video games all day in their room. These are one of those days when going to the corner store can turn into a hassle. Nothing gets done. No one gets called. And sleep is my only form of relaxation. What does this mean? Am I done? Have I plateaued?

This is the attitude most people have when they’re riding high on the locomotion of brand momentum, only to turn the corner and abruptly smash into a brick wall. However, what’s good about having ruts like this is I use these moments to reflect on my responsibilities in life. The people I need to take care of first. Life goals I want to accomplish for my family. When you’re serving too many masters, eventually your body will crash, desperately asking for a mental reboot. I’m happy to be dealing with this problem now, rather than a week before the relaunch of my Angelites series! Sales would significantly suffer for lack of promotion to the untapped markets outside of New York and a drop in social media presence.

Therefore, I listened to my body. Stepping back is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you need to reassess the situation in order to stand with absolute confidence knowing that you’re partaking the right course of action. The progress I’ve made these past few months have been beyond expected. I hope to have far greater success than the first go-around I had with the Angelites.

But, I still have a long way to go. More ads will be coming your way. New artwork, which I’m currently adding the finishing touches to, will be presented in high fashion – as only Jan Eleven can.

Thank you for being patient and sticking with your decision to accompany me on this journey to brand supremacy! Well…that may be years upon years into the future. If I’m lucky! LOL!

Regardless, you’re still rolling with me, so I’m forever grateful.

Be good. Strike a smile. And enjoy these precious hours of life that only come once a day.

God bless.



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