Blogisode #16: Be Kind and Rewind…but never look back.

For this Blogisode, my topic is bit different, turning this into a combination of a movie review and motivational message. In the Bible, God says he's everywhere and in everything. So, I feel there's a message to be learned in any situation, depending if your eyes are opened wide enough to see it. Read about how I found a life lesson in a below-the-radar hit comedy that I stumbled upon in the past week! Trust me, this Blogisode is a Can't-miss!


Blogisode #14 – Shooting Blanks! My kingdom for an idea.

I usually don't like when I draw a blank, especially when I'm in the middle in of the biggest operations in my life! However, as I often say, there's always a positive flower that blooms in the dismal plain of negativity. On this Blogisode, I share my thoughts on how important stepping back can be in order to continue moving forward. Read. Enjoy!