Blogisode #13 – Ralph wrecks the internet! Literally!

Hello, everybody!

With all my months of planning, designing, and marketing strategy – as it pertains to my novel release in a few months – my artwork has never caused such uproar on social media. Just about a week ago, I posted a piece of art that I designed for our company showcase for Disney/Pixar, its purpose was to display new product lines for current licensing companies and/or to attract potential clients in hopes to add their branding onto our grand library of characters.

For this showcase, we were targeting franchise blockbusters due to hit the big screen in 2018. I was asked to help design a decorative movie poster listing the titles we tend to design products for – kind of like a Playbill at a Broadway show. Out of all the designs I created, my favorite one was Wreck-It-Ralph, not only because it took the longest the complete but also its concept was one that no one thought would be possible to accomplish.

The idea came to me as a joke as I showed my co-worker the reference art I wanted to use, featuring Ralph busting his silhouette through a brick wall. Although the picture was great, the concern came up as to where to place the logo. We then joked about having the hole in the wall be a ‘2’ instead of his body. If you know me by now, you can guess it was only a matter of time before I saw that vision vividly pop in my head. I then decided, “I can make that happen!”

It took me a few days to get the look I wanted, but it was well worth it. I was proud of myself for taking that extra step to my making my company look good, showing the licensor we care about making their characters be the eye-popping feature on the market. Even if all that wasn’t taken into consideration, this was a personal victory, considering what kind of graphic artist I was a year ago compared to how far my skills have progressed.

Anyway, I wish I could say the story ended there but, me being on promoting mode, I chose to take a gamble and post my Wreck-It-Ralph design on all my network portals, thinking it would fit nicely in my already amazing gallery. My thought process was to put my most wondrous designs on display, so when the Angelites novel comes out people may want to purchase it strictly on my name, not just the story. If they know my work to be pure quality then they’ll know the same dedication will be put into my books as well, thus knowing Jan Eleven as a name they can trust. (Sounds like a commercial, right? LOL)

Hours later, I got a ton of likes! Twenty an hour! People wrote to me asking if my art was the official poster for the movie! WOW! Was it really that good?! Every few minutes my phone would blow up with notifications, saying such-and-such liked your post and this person commented, each praising my work. Like the movie, it was a hit! They loved it!

There were a few people who offered criticism, but even that was done out of love. Artists tend to see things differently, that’s what makes so unique. They commented on what they would’ve done differently or where the logo should’ve place – which was a company decision, by the way – also where they would’ve placed the characters. I listened to their advice and even agreed with a couple of them. This will help me grow as a designer and the knowledge will carry over to the next project.

However, as expected, there were a few haters out there trying to pull the rug from under me. One person posted the original picture I used to manipulate in an attempt to catch me in the act. A couple of others laughed at it, thinking I got busted. Did I get mad? No. Obviously, if they had bothered to read the description they would’ve noticed the picture was redesigned. Never once did I mention it was designed from scratch. Others tried sounding like professors, saying the layout is wrong and the characters were proportioned incorrectly, etc. Luckily there were only a few of those people because even after their harsh comments, the likes kept rolling in. The buzzing of my phone kept waking me up overnight because of more notifications I received. This was unbelievable! Take a look! What do you think?


I was so inspired and grateful at the overwhelming response. However, which I was expecting, at every special occasion will appear a few wedding crashers. You need to overcome these uncomfortable obstacles to ensure the longevity of success with your brand. Not everyone will love your product so you must be disciplined to stand by your vision 24-7.

Once the outside opinions get to you, your accomplishments may be compromised. Don’t let it! Because one thing I know is with the billions of people on the globe, faith and dedication will attract you to the right audience. There’s plenty of room for all of us to get to the top! Will you let another person tell you “No” just so they can take your place up the ladder of success? Or will you keep hustling? My attitude is, “either ride with me or ride to the side.” My model has gained momentum and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Thank you for tuning into this week’s Blogisode. It’s a joy for me to bring these to you every week. I hope you find the same pleasure in reading them.

Have a great hump day!

God bless you all!



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