Blogisode 11 – Mother’s Day Special: Enter the Honeybee Fairy

Halo everybody! – (not a typo either, lol)

Let me start this off by saying I hope all Mother’s across the land had a wonderful and terrific Mother’s Day, which is the topic of discussion in today’s Blogisode.

Every year, men usually take the generic approach when it comes to pleasing the mother of their children: going for the ol’ flowers and candy routine – which is completely fine if they know those will make her smile ear-to-ear. But some of us men drive ourselves bonkers, thinking of the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift. My wife, for example, enjoys useful gifts: oils, scented candles, and gift certificates, even a new pair of shoes. However, if I were ever to present her with a box of delicious, Vegan chocolates, she would definitely take it!!!

Even though this significantly narrows down the playing field for me, I still tend to think too much out of the box for a special present and go spiraling down in a heap of disappointment after nothing takes form. So this year – since my creativity has currently reached combustible heights – I decided to do something I’ve never done before: turn her into a character! This may not sound like a big thing, but we all must have a hidden desire to be immortalized on canvas. How many people have self-portrait paintings hanging in their homes? How many people pay artists on the boardwalk to be drawn as a charactercher? How many selfies do you take on your phones every day? LOL!

I’m going through a list of themes, figuring out which of them can demonstrate the joy and beauty my wife portrays but also the power and grace good mothers around the world represent. It had to be magical…and that’s when the ingenious idea hit me: a fairy princess!

Once again, I thought it would be a simple operation: grab a couple of add-ons, color changes here and there. But, no! It turned out to be another monster I wasn’t expecting to tackle. I swam through a ton of research, studying the plethora of fairy characteristics. Plus, I searched through my archive of endless pictures, looking for the right pose at the highest quality. During this experience, I came to realize how cruddy camera phones pictures could be. We tend to not notice because the screens are so small. However, the way these hi-tech phones are built today, this just tells me I need a new phone, lol

Anyway, I had to go back a few years to finally find the right picture, but the type of fairy was still a mind boggle. I thought about what are the things she enjoys and what’s her favorite character in the movies. Just then, the thought came to me as fast as a snap of a finger. My nickname for her is Honey Bee! Therefore, why not make her The Honeybee Fairy?! Cute, huh?

Designing the artwork was the easy part. Getting the elements to work cohesively was total chaos. With that said, I was so happy with the results thus far. As I was about to add the fairy wings, I instead chose to use wings from a bee. also, I decorated the background with magical bees, flying around and spreading pixie dust throughout the enchanted forest.

Once I revealed the final piece, my wife was so impressed. She loved it! But like a few of my last artworks, it was her idea to add the animated ember sparkling down over the picture, making it look more special. I wanted to wait until I got her final approval before posting it on my social media networks; after all, it was her face the world was about to see! Take a look. Hope you like it.


I’m eternally grateful for all these challenges thrown into my path because the difficult projects are the ones that blossom hidden potential. If you want to perfect the skills you’ve been blessed with – whatever it may be – don’t just do what you know you can complete. Take on the craziest projects possible, the ones that’ll drive you to the point of tearing out hair and grinding down teeth. Then you can cement the claim that you have what it takes to be the best, especially after the victorious joy you feel once accomplishing such an exhausting task.

I guess you don’t have to always get your wife exactly what she wants in order to make her happy. The most expensive gifts in the country are worth about a hill of beans compared to a present coming straight from your heart. Love conquers all – including gifts.

As always, have a joyous and blessed day everybody!

Much love. God bless you all!



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