Blogisode 10: Love Conquers All

Good afternoon everybody!

On this special Blogisode, the voice of my heart wishes to share an encounter I experienced back in February, followed by a personal message on how I believe we should spend our lives going forward.

Although I hear this from multiple sources, my wife reminds me that whenever you give, God will give back. This has become a difficult task for me these past few years. Besides partaking new financial challenges as a parent, people can be deceitful. Therefore, I became some sort of a hoarder when it came to my valuables, not willing to part with it unless somebody truly needed it!

One winter morning while heading to work, I saw a homeless couple sleeping outside of an abandoned storefront, wrapped in comforters. A couple of cops woke them up and said they had to move. I felt so bad for them. Where could they have gone with all their belongings in such a hurry? At least the cops could’ve given them a ride to a homeless shelter, right? That’s when I realized that no matter what current troubles I’m facing – complaining about what I have – angry for not getting what I want – there are always others who have it far worse.

At lunchtime, I decided to go for a walk to get ideas for my next book and all of a sudden, I ran into the same homeless couple at a different storefront. Feeling bad not being able to do it before, I gave them some bills and kept it moving. It was the least I could do. Not even at the end of the block, I saw another person in the same unfortunate situation. Then another. Within a three-block radius, I ran into ten homeless folks, ragged and depressed with cups asking for any kind of spare change.

Constant debates still go on to this day about how one race stays rich, using their power and influence to keep other races inside the lower tax bracket. However, on this day, I saw black, white and Hispanic people along my route, poor and misfortunate. They were kind and gracious, appreciating whatever help they could get. Not sure how it works in the suburbs, but here in the big city, poverty is a disease that none of us are immune.

All of us, human beings, go through the same joy – pain – misery – the same tragedies. Besides helping your fellow man, I wish we could stop stereotyping each other with hateful and mistrusting eyes. Do away with jealousy and envy. We should try to open our hearts wider and spread as much joy as possible. Now I know that it’s easier said than done, but God is pleased by the smallest effort you make, especially when it comes from your heart, not your head.

I know that change can’t happen overnight, but a difference can be made a lot quicker if we turn the corner now. Instead of wasting time and energy spewing hatred, I believe we need to show more love to one another. If our government won’t serve our best interests and grants us justice, then its time that we, the people, started having each other’s back. At the end of the day, it’s just us.

Hope my words entered your minds and touched your hearts.

Be safe! Be well! Be happy!

Have a great day!

God bless!



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