Blogisode 9: A world with no Angelites looks like…

Good day everybody!

After creating some mind-blowing pieces of art, I returned to advertising mode and released another teaser poster for Angelites. The purpose of these posters is not only to attract fresh new eyes on my product but also to illustrate scenes on where the story will take you. Some images are from the present. Some serve as a statement by showing just logo, demonstrating how powerful their symbol of faith and justice carries throughout the story. In this latest poster, however, I thought it would be a cool idea to give a glimpse of the future, what would happen to our world if there were no Angelites to combat the demons that wish to enslave humanity.

As most of my projects thus far, I’ve never attempted to do an apocalyptic scene. Therefore, I wanted everything just right: references, setting up the mood and a time to work when I wouldn’t receive any distraction. During the process, I chose to alter the biggest commercial intersection in New York and one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world: Times Square. Besides, it was about a ten-minute walk from my job, which gave me the opportunity to gather reference and ponder on ideas during my lunch break. The challenging part was to destroy every inch of the Square while keeping its cohesion consistent.

Whenever a task appears to be too complicated, I usually tend to back off and find an easier solution. But once I’ve adopted the Jan Eleven identity, representing Enero Once Incorporated, I’ve been a lot braver, determined to see my vision come to life, to not let any project make me cower away to the corner like a scared mouse. So, I tightened my focus – adjusted my chair – and got to work.

Once I saw how well I transformed the lower level into a disaster area, I was excited! More motivated each day. And then the rest was easy – long and testy, but easy nevertheless. Being a custom of mine as of late, I once again added an animation to my work since it’s been getting rave reviews. I chose to animate the unsettling dust brushing atop the crud-colored debris. Hope you like it. I most certainly do.


You may ask why must I display a brand new piece of art every week? Well, first: I hope it’ll excite the people enough to buy my book. But also, since graduating from F.I.T. with my Bachelors, this would be the first venture that I’ve started and stuck with to the end. I want to inspire, make a difference with the skills that God has given me, to do something great for my family and the other dreamers out there like me. No matter how many bumps there are on the road to success, let me quote Eddie Kendricks by saying: “Keep on truckin’ baby!”

Until next blogisode, take care and God bless you all!



2 Replies to “Blogisode 9: A world with no Angelites looks like…”

  1. Looks wonderful. I am so looking forward to getting this book. I hope everyone will take a chance and get this book and love it as much as you did putting this book together. I wish you good luck in this venture. You deserve success.

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