Blogisode 8: Designing a birthday present

Good morning my neighbors!!

Has anyone celebrated a birthday recently?

Well, just last week I helped usher in a new year of existence for my older brother, Albert. I won’t say how old he is for I’m not sure if he’ll want to strangle me afterward. However, let’s just say that for a man his age he’s in good shape.

Anyway, I’ve been on such a roll with publishing my designs under the Enero Once Inc. banner that I’ve been willing to take on whatever crazy ideas came to mind, whether possible or impossible to create. There was one that I put on the backburner for a while, largely because I knew that it would be a whole different animal I wasn’t quite ready to tame just yet, that animal being to reface Mount Rushmore.

With April at its last days, I wanted to create something special for my brother, something that he wouldn’t expect whatsoever! And that’s when this great idea popped into my head like a pan of Jiffy Pop, (a nostalgia product that old school folks like me would know about, lol) I pictured one of his favorite Hip Hop groups in history: NWA (Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren & Eazy-E) standing on top of Mt. Rushmore, posing with the presidents. But, that wasn’t good enough. So then I thought how great would it be to have their actual faces on Mt. Rushmore!

Man, I was right about it being its own animal! It was such a headache working on that project that I wasn’t able to complete it by the time Albert’s birthday arrived. I tossed my mouse to the side and was ready to quit. My wife encouraged me to take a break, stop thinking about it and maybe the right problem-solving strategy would come to mind. I tried to relax by watching some television and playing with my kids, but the thought of me failing to complete a project bothered me greatly. No! I was determined to finish this project! It took me another week and every bit of knowledge I had on techniques and effects in the wacky world of graphic design. And finally, I finished! Being able to accomplish a long-planned goal was one thing, but having it look as great as it does put me on cloud nine. My wife loved it. My brother loved it. So many likes and positive comments I received on Social Media. This is the strongest run I’ve ever been on as a designer.


I can feel it! This is the time when my vision will become a reality. And even if I don’t make it, it won’t be because I didn’t try. Life puts struggles on your path for a reason. Please don’t give up. Move forward. If you want that dream bad enough, keep working hard for it and you’ll get it. More dreamers we have in the world today, the better off this world will be.

Thank you for tuning in and allowing me to share my thoughts with you. Seize the day! Live for the moment! God bless you all!



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