Blogisode 7: Change of season – and profile pics!

Happy May everybody!!

Spring is winding down and most people are anxiously waiting for the season of love known as Summer: loving the sun – loving the warm weather – loving longer days and warmer nights, etc. For me, when another mark of time begins, I always look at it as a fresh start, out with the old and in with the new, ya know? Who says you have to wait until New Year’s Eve to hit the reset button? Even though I’m nowhere close to having an established brand, I’m still planning to run it that way, for the sky’s the limit to a person who has no limitations.

Therefore, I decided to have fun and create a new profile pic every month. Right now, I’m only running this on Facebook but will soon migrate to other media platforms once my recognition has been established. I want people to match my face to the symbol of my artistry.

For my first run, I wanted to do something crazy, nothing too abstract but a vision that people can connect with instantly. Writing and designing on the computer at 5 am before I shower and head to my job – to do more computer work may I add – most times I feel like a machine. Then, BAM!! The Matrix came to mind!! How would I look trapped inside a field of neon-green-colored coding?

From that moment, I went to work. And included in this blog is the finished product.


I think I did a good job considering that this was a composition I’ve never tackled before. What do you think? Please comment. Also, to keep the theme consistent, I changed the banners on all my social media accounts to match my picture, except for Instagram, of course.

I already have ideas for the next month, but that’ll be kept on the back burner for now. Next week I’ll be back to promoting and posting more ads for my Angelites novel, but by now I hope you all have the impression on just how versatile I am in the fields of art and literature, hence why I posed in front of Jim Hanley’s Universe, which has served as a vessel of inspiration for many years.


So, until next time: stay inspired – keep pursuing your goals – and never surrender.

* We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace. * – 1 Chronicles 29:15

Thank you all for taking this journey with me and allowing your eyes to grace my

words with curiosity and enthusiasm!

God bless you all!



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