Blogisode 4: Life. Gone so soon without a trace.

Hello, everyone!

It’s been rare for me to publish a post this soon, but I felt the need to share this message with the world while it’s still fresh in my mind, beating through the valves of my heart.

While riding the train to work this morning, I came across a verse in my daily devotionals that at once struck a chord, pertaining to the unruly chaos reoccurring in the world today.

1 Chronicles 29:15 says: “We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace.”

Amazing. These verses from the Bible were written centuries ago, and yet the words translate to our lives as if they were written last month! I think we’ve lost focus on how fast life can be taken from us. Not just in a violent way, but by missed opportunities, unwilling to take risks and being complacent in an uncomfortable position because it’s easier than to stumble while chasing your dreams.

We tend – and I’m guilty of this, too – to forget the simple things in life that make us happy. People we haven’t spoken to in years but who can help us the most because they understand us best. That one goal you set as a child being put to the side so you can raise your own children. Boy, how easy do we forget?

We always think that tomorrow is a chance to change today’s mistakes. For most, tomorrow never comes. As 1 Chronicles says: life is gone so soon without a trace. I see senseless killings happening on social media right alongside a father recording a happy moment of his daughter singing a song. Giant billboards of half-naked people in designer clothing; while underneath is a small ad on the side of a phone booth about Autism Awareness.

Just because society tells you how you should live doesn’t make it right. Money, gear, cars, and drugs – none of that should matter in life. The best way for us to live is by showing love to one another. Not to say we’re never going to be angry – because that’s just unrealistic – but we don’t have to make it all or nothing. Talk more and fight less. Ask instead of stealing. Try and fail instead of not trying at all. It takes a big man to throw a punch – a cowardly man to pull out a weapon. However, it takes a REAL man to walk away.

I’m not telling you how to live your life, but I’m a father and I know what kind of world I would want my kids to live in when they get to be my age and have children of their own. A change will come, as it always does, but in this day and age, someone needs to get the train moving. In a world where we can’t trust our leaders, all we have left to trust is each other.

God bless you all!

Jan Eleven


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