Blogisode 3: Furious Angels

Good morning world! How are ya?

As you may or may not know, this past Monday I posted my second teaser for Angelites – although it’s not truly considered a teaser since the title is included in the artwork. My reason for going towards that direction is because, to properly showcase the theme of the poster, I felt the art needed more of a pop that just having a solo shot of the logo. Last week’s teaser worked great as the animated smoke fit in altogether with the magma-lava theme. Therefore, I chose to add the logo and title together. Good call? What do you think?

Furious Angels

My thought process behind the tagline was a play on the phrase: “Hell hath no fury.” I know this sounds cool and people have been saying it for decades, but it’s a turn-off for me to know that this particular phrase represents something dark, perhaps demonic. So, since the Angelites are at war against the forces of Hell, I just thought that it would be a clever way to say that the armies of Heaven are to be more feared than anything created by Satan.

As far as the theme – heh-heh-heh! Seeing the word “Fury,” it’s obvious where the idea came from – unless of course, you’re not a fan of action movies. Coincidentally, I designed this art several weeks before the eighth installment of the globally successful motion-picture franchise was released. Therefore, this seemed like the perfect time to post my teaser, hoping to get more of a buzz from like-minded fans. Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it won’t. However, for the few eyeballs I’ve attracted to my latest creative advertisement and to the people who continue to show me admiration and support, I want to say – as always – thank you!

Much love! God bless!

Jan Eleven


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