Blogisode 2: Writer’s Block

Good day everyone!

Even though I deal with this problem more than I can count, I still haven’t coped with the most annoying issue a writer can have: writer’s block! For those who aren’t familiar with this term: writer’s block is an irritating habit of when – although you may be wired from ten cups of coffee – the creative side of your brain decides to take a nap right in the middle of your production time.

I know we can all get mentally fatigued and need to take a break, but I can’t fathom the reason on why this would happen when my creative juices are bubbling at their highest point! Maybe it’s because of too much enthusiasm like I have so many ideas floating around at the same time that I don’t know where to begin? That sounds about right, but I don’t know.

Sorry if it sounds like venting, but us artists and writers – creators in general – know that not many times come when you have that much needed quiet time to express yourself as you wish. Early mornings are best for me because everyone is still asleep. So maybe I get anxious because I’m afraid this moment will go to waste.

One thing I do know is that tomorrow is another day. And another opportunity will come my way – perhaps I’ll wind up doing something greater then because I let the ideas flow from my mind like a river instead of squeezing them out like drops of juice from an orange.

Take care! Have a great day!

Jan Eleven



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