Blogisode 1: Rebirth of the Angelites

Happy Hump Day Everybody!

What’s good? As most of you already discovered, I’ve released the first teaser poster for my upcoming novel, Angelites. Although it’ll be released in the Fall of 2017, I want to treat this like a movie experience and get the build started early. Speaking of movies, I’m writing this blog to explain the premise of this next novel.

For those who purchased my first book four years ago, let me just warn you that this is NOT a sequel. In movie terms: this is a remake of the original. Now all of you must be thinking that remakes are terrible, up-to-date versions of original classics – which I do agree with you, for the most part. However, in my case, this remake of Angelites was necessary. Let me explain.

Years had passed and lessons were learned throughout my journey to complete my first novel and by 2013 I thought I had grown by leaps and bounds as a writer. So I let my excitement get the better of me and rushed my material out into the marketplace: ads, posts, writing and editing, etc. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the world of writing is to always check – double-check – triple-check your work to the point that you know every word by heart, every blemish of your art, down to the last speck of dirt on the left corner of the page.

Another reason for this change was my name. Once Angelites became available, I immediately opened an account with Goodreads. A major mix-up had occurred when the webmasters had accidentally attached my story onto another author’s account WHO HAD THE SAME NAME AS MINE. After days of emails and calls, I got the book moved back onto my account, Thank God. To avoid this from happening again, I decided to adopt a pseudonym – Jan Eleven, which will be the author title on my stories going forward.

Even though I’m ever so grateful for getting positive responses from my book, so many mistakes were discovered after it was released, which I wasn’t proud.

Since Angelites is my first title in what hopes to be a long writing career, I decided to take some years off and properly hone in on my craft, believing my window of opportunity will still be open by the time I come back. Not to say that now I’m the perfect writer – because that’s just unrealistic – but I’m satisfied and pleased that this “re-release” is how I would want my paranormal/fantasy story arc to get started.

Thank you for your continued support.

Much love!

God bless!

Jan Eleven