This blog is dedicated to one of the pioneers of hip hop! Straight from the streets of Los Angeles Angeles one of my brother’s favorite rappers. Read on to find out who! … More I.T.O.G.

A kid at heart.

Good morning everyone! And happy weekend! Man, I’m so hating right now! Early this morning, I decided to go out and buy breakfast for my family for a change, got that lazy Saturday feeling ya know? Anyway, while heading back home with the food, I walked down Myrtle Avenue and saw a line of people … More A kid at heart.

First of the month.

Hi all! This is Jan Eleven wishing you a very happy start to the Spring season! Yes I know it had technically started a little over a week ago, but let’s face it – this weather has been absolutely awful! Calgon take me away! So! What are all of you excited about during this season? … More First of the month.

Blowing Bubbles

Signs of Spring have finally reached my neighborhood as I woke up this morning to bright sunshine and a warm apartment – without having the radiator blasting dry heat all night. This seemed like the perfect day to take my boys out for some fun in the sun. Luckily there was a book sale early … More Blowing Bubbles


Good evening everybody! If you hadn’t guessed already, I haven’t been gracing the social media world with my presence… or anyone else for that matter. Let me ease your minds by saying it’s not coming from a bad place. I’m going through a transitioning period, working hard to reach that next level in my life. … More Zero-Dark-Thirty